Tom Odell - numb (Official Video)

2021 Үхэ 18-нд
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tom odell - numb (official video)
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lyrics -
i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby now i’m numb

i'm losing weight bub
i’m looking great bub
so what i go out every night, sometimes i take drugs
they’re like my make-up
this f**king break-up
you see i gave you all my heart and now i hate love
that’s right I hate love
it only baits us
and if you wanna know how i feel well here’s a taste of

i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby, baby, baby now i’m numb

i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby, baby, baby now i’m numb
credits -
directed by tom odell and joseph delaney {@d0_0m}
producer: frankie willcock {@frankiewillcock}
prod co: lez creative {@lez_creative}
ep: mary calderwood {@mary_calderwood}
dop: thomas english {@thomas_english}
gaffer: laurent arnaud {@sparkswars @shlfilmlighting}
art director: killian fallon {@killianfallon}
make up artist: tina khatri {@tinakhatrimua}
groomer: johnnie biles {@scissor_boy}
editor: johnny richards {@johnnyeditorvfx}
colourist: myles bevan {@m.y.l.e.s @timebasedarts}
commissioner: michael lewin for sony music {@michaelclewin}
director’s rep: marisa garner associates {@marisagarnerassociates}
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  • Thank you for the song. Sorry for the broken heart.

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  • 2 min long songs just hit different.

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  • Numb - er One Tom Odell

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  • stunning, unique, powerful. LOVE YOU!

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  • Who hurt you TOM!!! C'mon mate tell me!!!

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  • Lend me yer clippers! 12th of April for me...I'll look like the wild man of Borneo by then so ahh your music xx

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  • How did you film the video? Did you sing the lyrics backwards?

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  • This song is a masterpiece, just like his other songs 😍⭐ Thank u Tom !

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  • so relatable... except the losing weight part

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  • Love is a sickness. And love is the cure.

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  • Mantab I love this song.

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  • This is exactly how I feel rn ,, I can’t attend my classes they all tell me if you wanna be a good doctor you have to study but they don’t understand how numb I feel I can’t do anything,, watching everyone studying and working for their future while my body is here but my mind is numb ....I guess I’m gonna lay in my bathtub and watch the world . I wish I could say I hate medicine and end it but I’m so numb that I don’t hate it neither love it I just don’t feel anything about it and the whole life ...

    sylie grennansylie grennanӨдрийн өмнө
    • Just leave, it's only a fuckin degree, I got 3, could use them to wipe my bum for all the good it done me. Live your life

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  • Tom Odell shaved his head. Isak Danielson shaved his head. I shaved my head. Does this mean I should be putting out music too?

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  • One word to describe this song: PERFECT I'm in love ❤

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  • Thank you Tom Odell for ruining the idea of music for me How can I listen to other music after this? I can't stop myself from listening to this song 24/7 😭

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  • Good job on the concept and its execution, Tom and the team! Do consider submitting it to our 2021 festival.

    Berlin Music Video AwardsBerlin Music Video AwardsӨдрийн өмнө
  • My boyfriend just recently broke up with me, perfect timing

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  • This is too good I'm obsessed

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  • Here comes another Masterpiece.. i adore your every single song.. ! Thanks so very much for bringing it.

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  • Why is this song so different from his style but still so good to replace all my favorite songs. Greetings from Guatemala.

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  • Hi Tom! I was lucky enough to see you live in my country Bulgaria two years ago! Congrats on this video!

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  • I’m so glad you are Back!

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  • dude I've listen to this song like 60 times today, this song is so good

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  • I got goosebumps already in the first 5 seconds!

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  • If wasnt for tom odell i would be dead long time ago he helped me trough rough times and his music is one of a kind im greatful i live in world with tom odell in it

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  • it's too short. the song, not your hair.

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  • did he really just learn how to sing the song backwards so that he could do a reverse walk (as well as catching a coat in the air etc) with singing matching lyrics at the end?

    nonchecked03nonchecked032 өдрийн өмнө
  • i needed this song and i didnt even know that i did until i listened to it

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  • interesting scream, i really like the kind of insanity you use to satisfy your pain

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  • What a sad song, Tom

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  • Perfecttttttt

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  • Actually, I think, you do better with encouraging music, and when you say "I hate love", you know it's not kinda cool. I really love your previous songs as Somehow, Heal, If you wanna love somebody, Another love and so on, and I wanna see you singin positive stuff. Thank you so much❤️❤️

    Anush AmirkhanyanAnush Amirkhanyan2 өдрийн өмнө
    • This song is about the depressive feeling after a breakup. When we are most vulnerable we often say we hate what we most long for. "Another Love" is similar, it's not "encouraging", but so sad that it makes people cry even years after it has been published! Tom's music in general is not happy sound. It often reflects what does not turn out well in life. And I'm sure, on the next album there will be both aspects of life, the positive one and the sad one.

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    • Naaaaa

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  • The Lyrics Gal: I hold my hand over the flame To see if I can feel some pain Look at what you've gone and done Baby, baby, now I'm numb I'm losing weight, bub I'm looking great, bub So what? I go out every night Sometimes I take drugs They're like my make-up This fucking break up You see, I gave you all my heart And now I hate love That's right I hate love It only baits us And if you wanna know how I feel Well, here's a taste of I hold my hand over the flame To see if I can feel some pain Look at what you've gone and done Baby, baby, now I'm numb I'm losing I hold my hand over the flame To see if I can feel some pain Look at what you've gone and done Baby, baby, baby, baby, now I'm numb

    Rikela PashajRikela Pashaj3 өдрийн өмнө
  • So good to have Tom back loving this sound The lovely hair tho 😢😢 The new look is fab tho 🙌😄

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  • This man is soo underrated

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  • a very familiar piano melody. did anyone know?

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  • Thank you again and again

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  • imagine him and tom rosenthal together omg

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    • Omg yesss

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  • From sweet love songs to "I hate love" - holy sh*t this man got hurt😭

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  • Love that his videos make you actually think about the lyrics.

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