Mini Crewmate Kills 8 Sonic Characters | Among Us

2021 Үхэ 16-нд
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  • 0:00Tails 0:04 Knukles 0:09 amy 0:16 eggman 0:25 shadow 0:30 Sonic

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  • the creator from this hes a kid!

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  • Sonic: now I’ll show you Mini crewmate: reverse card

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  • *hey there*

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  • crewmate:*kills tails and tries to kill me* me:*SUCCER IM İMORTAL TO YOU**le crewmate kill with stab* me:your not allowed to kill mah favrite charater

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  • Sonic Diamond broken by the door...

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  • Mini Crewmate:Close doors Sonic:Banged

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  • I dont what was with sonic in picture i think he has the same tail as tails i dont know

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  • Ok then (‘>’)

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  • That is very cool

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  • Sonic 2 abril 28 2022

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  • Eriste mis sentimientos UnU

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  • Please Mini Crewmate Kill 8 Apex Legends Legends

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  • 0:30 I think I saw Sonic's eyes turn black

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  • 0:14, oh

  • Please make a tutorial on how you make your animations

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  • Nada de esto puede hacer el bicho ese

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  • Esto... Es una MIERDA

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  • The picture of sonic I was like WHAT THE F-

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  • 0:50 is that movie sonic?

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  • All these videos make me hate among us

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  • Es amierda

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  • The last seconds of this video was the funniest thing that game overed Sonic.

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  • Idea: everyone gets their revenge on mini crewmate

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    • *Y E S*

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    • I really hope

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  • Oye mini creumate no es capas de acer eso

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  • O:49 what If there really was a sonic 2

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  • Gotta go fast!

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  • The tails is fly

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  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 *& Knuckles*

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  • Hate this video:D

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  • Sonic:your too slow Mini imposter:no I’m not *shuts doors* Sonic:now I’ll show you ahhh Mini imposter no *shuts doers on him over and over again* Me sees the sonic 2 movie trailer:wdn dose that come out?

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  • This is bad video

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  • Tales gets clapped on knuckles gets sent to his home then Amy gets a picture of sonic *u simp* then she realizes tales is in there and *ded* fat fuck joins the battle and get sents to mushroom land sonic gets turned into sanic 2

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  • Que gracioso

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  • 0:44 old movie sonic

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  • 0:46 is it real?

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  • What happened if mini imposter got failed by sonic?

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  • 0:43 my worst punshinment

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  • This is basically the Sonic movie 2 trailer XD

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    اسہٰہٰطہٰہٰورہٰ فہۣۗتتہۣى ڪۧہ ٍّأسہ ٍّر ٱڵڦہآڼہۣۗۄٰڼاسہٰہٰطہٰہٰورہٰ فہۣۗتتہۣى ڪۧہ ٍّأسہ ٍّر ٱڵڦہآڼہۣۗۄٰڼӨдрийн өмнө
  • Mini crewmate:sike! Sonic:NOW I'LL SHOW YOU mini crewmate:OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!!

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  • Sonic fast but among us win him, also among us cant stop only me XDDDD because im watching out from something bad hah

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  • 0:42 aw man, i was waiting for a moment that sonic would transform and kill mini red but no MINI RED killed sonic

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    • yes

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  • Mini red kills sonic with the door at 0:43

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  • There better be a sonic two movie

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  • Fact funny: Tails is immortal.

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  • Next mini crewmate and kirby

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  • 0:47 a lot of spoiler, everything is already known

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  • 0:04 did I just hear vrchat noises?

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  • Siren head: kill Uzaki-chan Uzaki: **reverse cart** Siren head: oh no.

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  • Kill kill kill kill kill already the crew made

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  • Me not looking where am I going 0:40

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  • We not gonna talk about the crewmates in the back?

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  • Jaja la devilidad de amy es sonic

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  • Plotwist: This is a marketing for the movie.

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  • Sonic: *sees this video in youtube* Talis: hey sonic what you you doing Sonic uhhhhh don asks

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  • 1:53 tsbwd

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