Minecraft: Escaping DREAMs Prison

2021 Туу 1-нд
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Dream locked me in his Minecraft Prison, but I planned an epic escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Inspired by PigPong "Minecraft: Escaping Herobrine's Prison"

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  • You know that you play too much Hypixel when any fov under 85 pains your eyes.

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  • Ok what im saying is if the player has this skill than he could not have gotten out him self? 😅

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  • your not power full then dream

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  • Plot twist: dream was testing his power

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  • You running for Dream? The beast speed runner!?

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  • Here is an issue..Eggpire has took over the smp therefore It actually did not happen. nightmare has took over.

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  • This is fake. You can't escape from dream Dream will always get you 💚

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  • so convenient to have doors and floating netherack

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  • You dont win dream

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  • Pov: you're dream

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  • Impossible no one escapes dream

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  • I don't think that is the real DREAM

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  • No one is better than Dream facts Dream is the beast at Minecraft only pewdiepie x is better than Dream but Dream is the boss of the ender dragon. 🤣😎

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  • WTF! ⊙-⊙

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  • I love how dream has a seizure when he gets lavad

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  • Insane

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  • I like this bu if this is the real dream you can't escape from him and if the piston and doors are not there

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  • This is like Minecraft mind troll lol

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  • Oh no.... Dream set his spawn there are he had a boat...

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  • Dream is not that noob 😂

  • He is better than dream

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  • Alternative title - pov you are dream's son

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  • Which song you use in this video Gevids plz say

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  • dream:this is the moment i realized someone was smarter in Minecraft then me

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