Meet the Impostor (Among Us Animation)

2020 Тах 16-нд
3 169 977 Үзсэн тоо

Wear headphones
Boneless Stream
Clown Song
•WTaollor - Shinra Tensei
•Musicality - O2 Remix
Ave Maria
Ameno 🙏
Main Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl
Explosion at the end:
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  • 0:55 Purple: what are you doing *step-bro* Yellow: 1:00

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  • what song is played at 1:07? I know what the jojo song is, but not the other song at 1:07.

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  • Yellow:*KO'S pink* Green:Omg run

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  • XD

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  • It not me white sus dor

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  • i want to know the music at the end (when yellow made the explosion)

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  • This is the best jojos references video

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  • Music 0:23 ?

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  • 12 yr old me entering my class 0:58

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  • hahahaha

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  • สนุกมากเลยครับ ผม

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  • Yellow: stabbing time

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  • 2:44 what song is that???

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  • Nice ending

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  • w0t

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  • 0:37

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  • holy shit! 0:36

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  • Whats the name of the music at 0:58 sorry for my english

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  • Plot twist: He was using no cooldown and speed hack And a imposter win hack aswell

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  • Ahhh yes, the THICC putimposter reference

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  • *colored beans*

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  • 37% memes 62% JOJOOOOOOO REFERENCEEEEE 1% uummmm........ classic memes?

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  • 0:00 is he playing osu? That's a pretty hard beatmap

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  • Lol golden impostor req

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  • The world is better than sharinggan

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  • 0:46 song. Please. Or I’ll take you to Brazil like yellow

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  • You're like the I-win of among us

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  • What is the song that yellow appears at light blue

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  • Door *stuck*

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  • 2:38 this person's and their names is of the song derpcat & eleps - the white knight but right after those names a man says is fu **** noob

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  • I could only wish to animate like this ;~;

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  • Mini crewmates Among us

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  • Black was like "wait let me finish my card swipe first"

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  • Why is there no kill cooldown

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  • The Best Theory Ever!!! 😂😂

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  • Yellow is now my character! :)

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  • 0:36 the handscan

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  • 0:36 What was that scan lmao!😂😂

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 𝕕𝕒 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥

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  • I’m pretty sure yellow’s hacking

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  • I again repair watch this video, it's the beautiffle!

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  • Gambarannya lucu......

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  • Hami Omayua

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  • :lime I knew it was you :Yellow u will be never reach the truth :Lime oh f***

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  • Oh yes jojooooooo

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  • The among us dudes are very CUTTEEEEE

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  • 1:04 *"YES YES YES"* Oh shit! (Waddup) *"NO NO NO"*

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  • 0:47 jojo faiting gold ariariari and yes Yes Yes and wry and ora ora ora ang za warudo and road roller

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  • Yellow is imposter

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  • 0:35 What Jojo reference Bloody stream

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  • Not that moments with anime full of shit

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  • 0:36 I have so many questions 1. Tf is he scanning? 2. Why is he scanning that? 3. Does he even have that? 4. Why dont they show it in game then? 5. Can anybody reply these answers?

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  • 0:36 I have so many questions 1. Tf is he scanning? 2. Why is he scanning that? 3. Does he even have that? 4. Why dont they show it in game then? 5. Can anybody reply these answers?

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  • This is art

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  • Ebic gamer moment

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  • I've never laughed so hard before

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  • what song is (sin dat dei se) Explosion at the end

  • Im glad this exists

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  • 2:47 music what?

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  • 2:39 heh

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  • 0:39 Oh hello mr stick XDDD

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  • that sabatog sync is epic🔥

  • make another one were the Impostor gets destroyed or else die

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  • EPIC

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  • I cant do this

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  • Me at 3 AM going to get some doritos 0:58 and me coming back because I forgot to get some mountain dew 1:52 me being seen by my one of my family members 2:34

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  • Jojo or Among Us?

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  • Is this a Jojo reference?

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  • LOL

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  • 0:58 wide walking imputinster

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  • modime

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  • minecraft

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  • When the kill cooldown is 10 seconds

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  • 0:00 goink be like

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  • -_-

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  • 0:32 how many of you felt that?

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  • It is so funny 😆😆😆

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    • Yellow is so funny bro 😆😆😆

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  • *help me i cant feel mah brain anymore*

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  • I like the Jojo reference BTW what is "rn"

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  • Also that song with wide impostor,it's called song for demise orchestral remix)

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  • Cyan: *casually plays OSU like a god* Impostor: dori meh

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  • 0:36 That took me long to figure out this part...

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  • The best video on Among us all over MNworlds!

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  • More Please

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  • So yellow killed 14 people? *T H A T S F I F T E E N I N T O T A L*

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  • I like how most of this video is a jojo reference

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  • 0:35 look at what green is doing

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  • 0:59

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