Godzilla vs. OwlKitty (Behind the Scenes)

2021 Бар 22-нд
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A behind the scenes look at the Making of GODZILLA Vs. OWLKITTY #OwlKitty #Godzilla #GodzillaVSKong
Thank you to Jeff Nelson @JeffNelson3000 for the 3D help!
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  • 1:45 sooooo cuutee

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  • Emm podrían volver a hacer ma de como entrenar a tu dragón plisss soy un sub Qwq

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  • Kids here is one surprise for you. come and click.

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  • This cat need a Oscar oof :p UwU

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  • Оооу это так мило 😍Жду новые видео с нетерпением,мяу😻

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  • Owlkitty is purrfect!

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  • Did he animate it on blender?

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  • maybe next owlkitty meets snowbell or Garfield we like all the cat characters in the movie...😀😀

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  • This reminds me of my persian cat ,Kevi.He was only seven years old and just died 2 days ago.I have so many memories with him i will never forget .May he rest in peace!😔😰😥❤🙏

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  • I heard that your video was stolen on tic tok and got like 2 million likes (*sad face*)

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  • Imagine, if the owl kitty died his whole carrier will be wasted

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  • M8 yer cats a football legend

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  • so cute 😄💝👍💝💝

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  • Owl Kitti always so cute 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🤩🤩

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  • 1:08 Wiggle cat

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  • hi

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  • But Godzilla is the king of the monsters

  • your cat looks exactly like my dead cat onyx i love your channel

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  • How you endting

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  • This dude is very good...talented.. I mean the cat..

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  • Make Video In ,,George Of the Jungle" ❤️🙏

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  • So Cute❤️

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  • 0:22 listen! the cat "ummm?" sound

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  • no sabia que un gato le fuera a hacerle mucho daño a godzila xd

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  • There’s a movie called Godzilla Vs Kong that copied ur movie.

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  • I wish that cat will famous

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  • We all need to wait 6 Months But it's worth it

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  • Your can editor that coool the gorlila was gone it

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  • The OwlKitty Is Really Cool!

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  • The creator has the best sense of humor 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Mrrrp

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  • This is legendary XD

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  • this is the first video i see and i suscriber right now

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  • That's amazing. Lizzie super star.

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  • love it . Can you do an Aliens one. Maybe the scene where Ripley is in the mech suit fighting the queen

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  • Do a new video pls

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  • 0:52 that’s where it is

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  • 0:37 got hit

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  • i love your vids but i have 2 dogs and 2 Guinea pigs

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  • Imagine owlkitty in the movie and he won i will be shocked

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  • I was wondering how you got her "mean" face and the eating a treat trick works so well lol!

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  • I'm 99% sure you're Russian.

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  • 0:19 is funny and 1:45

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  • Делаем котов популярными

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  • Can you make OwlKitty + Ghostbusters? pleaseeee

  • Can you make a movie that cool only make movie and send to youtuner k

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  • Love Norwegian forest cats we've got one 2

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  • you missed one thing.. shouldn't it move slow ? you could have shoot in slow mo

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  • I can't believe how much complex effort goes into making these astonishing vignettes!

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  • Master

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  • Max Vs Owlkitty

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  • Thanos vs Owlkitty please 😂

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  • me:wait its all owlkitty? OwlKitty: Always as Been

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  • Thousands of years of evaluation and we make this. I am not disappointed

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    • Darwin's theory of evaluation.

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  • So, max is the neighbours cat right?

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    • @Anand Gaming IDK Maybe a glitch?

    • Yep very true

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    • yes indeed

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