Crewmate and Son | Among Us Animation

2020 Тах 14-нд
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DimeBack - Adrenaline Rush
Super Mario RPG - Victory
Brendan Caulfield - Desmond’s Ballad
Random Riff Sound Effect

South Park - Canadian Puberty

  • Hello everyone, I'm HarpyCarp. I'm the original animator behind this video before you. I'mma just list a couple thing for a certain selection of comments: 1. I gave Myth permission to upload this video. 2. That is *indeed* Gary Goodspeed from Final Space at 0:21 and that's it. Beside that, I'm stoked you guys liked it! Feel free to support me by checking out the rest of my content, links in the description! (Myth if you could pin this that'd be real great, thanks.) Edit: I completely forgot I put the newspaper headline at 0:31 but yeah I suppose that is quite funny!

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  • When i see the art in the title Me:yep this is gonna be like funny and sad

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  • Why are. Some among us animations so sad

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  • *purple guuuy*

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  • Now among is crewmate pro impostor not brain/noob

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  • this one is funny like i cant stop it

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  • 0:35 This is funny dance

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  • 0:35 green is sad

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  • Purple: *Killing people* His son: ? Orange *Emergency Button* Green: Its him! Purple: No is not! His son: ?? Orange: Hmmm 🤔🤔 blood. Vote him. No more voting. GET OUT!

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  • Killed again Fu-

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  • why did he kill the baby for?

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  • Its gary 0:22

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  • .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Purple was An Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    1 Impostors remain.    。   ゚   .   .     .  .

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  • 0:52 it’s been so long

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  • 0:45 audience : I think the little pet will kill everyone *Gun sound* audience : . . . ? 0:52 audience: Oh damn a bitch killed the little pet

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  • Someone had Report Body*

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  • 0:24 Стоп, это Илюха Ехиле?

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  • Bruh, killing the little purple crewmate was not called for!

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  • Lol i knew orange was the second imposter i could tell

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  • 0:08 Impostor dance 0:33 Crewmates dance

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  • Well yeah... Impostors are bloodthirsty monsters who want to murder the whole crew... But that orange must be eliminated, he crossed the line.

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  • I think purple is sus

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  • I wonder why did orange did not killed the second crewmate..but killed that small adorable mini crewmate...holly

  • This video made me sad

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  • Haha, fantastic

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  • I: hey orange and green cn u teach me the dance😅

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  • Purples son must be proud that he- Oh... how unfortunate

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  • wtf is Orange killing the son of the first imposter

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  • Best clip that made me laugh: 0:25

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